Home Learning -the Parent's share of Education

This program was spot on! What is the purpose of education:To learn to interact with others properlyTo learn to respond to instructionTo learn to complete tasksTo learn empathyTo learn explorationTo learn resilience It inspired me to ask my year 9 students two pages of home learning type questions:Do you know how toDo your laundry, make a meal for your family, check the car engine oil, fish, play scrabble, play Yahtzee, understand the electric bill, do the family shopping, check tyre pressure etc.Clearly students who had done many things on the list are better off at school than students who have not been exposed to life skills. I am encouraging my students to give something on the list a go.Clearly using Banqer is teaching banking/money skills. I love the conversations the students have when they receive their payments for attending school and their effort. They also have to pay tax, pay for when they are late to class and when they forget their gear. Still early days but I like the conversations.

Linnea McDonald