A Banqer App for teachers and students?


Hey Emily, Thanks for raising this. We hear this a bit from teachers and it's something that we have thought about. To be honest the only reason we haven't jumped at it is a lack of resources really.

Kiwisaver Contributions


Hi Bernice, Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention! We have gone and fixed the issue so the contributions should now be showing up correctly. Sorry about that, and thank you once again!

Seeing your teacher account


Hey Michael. The net worth is worked out as money in expense account + savings account (as well as KiwiSaver + Real Estate equity if you have these modules activated). Hope that helps. Thanks Micah.

Can tax payments be set so they can't fail


Hi Shannon! After seeing this question we reviewed the way we process tax, and you’ll be happy to hear that tax transactions can no longer fail! So to anyone seeing this, tax payments are now very

Do you use students as the class banqer?


Hmm I was hoping to see an answer to this question as I too would like to set up a couple of bankers for checking payments and making payments.

What age should students learn about money and Financial Literacy?


What do you let your students spend their Banqer money on?


Children in my class use it to rent equipment off me. I'm currently working in a MLE environment where children have access to a range of learning spaces and furniture to work at. I rent things like