Our Banqer

In Room 9 at MIS we use banqer to learn about money and how it works for when we are older. One way we use banqer in our class is that we have class ceo’s who organise different things like table hire and property applications which we have recently begun. In our class we all have applied for jobs and have to complete our jobs each day. The class CEO's check. We get deductions from our pay if we do not do our jobs properly. We have activated the property market in our class lots of people want homes and Insurance. We like the names of the houses, especially 4 Privet Drive. Today we discovered a glitch and everyone's tax got deducted three times!?!?!?! We were considering a class action lawsuit against the bank, but luckily it was fixed. We learned that you need to have extra money in your account for things like this. Our teacher gives us extra Banqer Bonuses if we do something extra good, helpful or work really hard on something in class.lBy Grayson and Wyatt - Matamata Ibntermediate School

Karen Nicholls