Banqer benefits are fun times in my class!

I am a first year teacher and have been dreaming about incorporating a classroom economy in "my room" for two years, so was over the moon when i found out about Banqer. My class love it and are always looking for extra ways to earn more money. At Y5&6 i set up the option of buying their desks instead of renting, this has created a lot of motivation especially when my switched on students realised that they could purchase some one else's desk also, and reap the benefits of rent being paid to them. This has been fun to watch. The insurance aspect was interesting too - after a few sessions discussing what insurance was and that they could "choose" whether they wanted it. I was blown away when one student decided to not have "contents insurance" and by emptying her desk at the end of each day - she left behind an empty desk so no need for contents insurance. I had to laugh quietly to myself - one how she had surprised me with this strategy and two when it took 5 weeks before she decided she was over the process and started to pay insurance. My class love Fridays when they get paid and can bank any cash with the Class Banqers, along with getting paid extra for the extra jobs they do when their job partner was away. To watch them log in each day - because they want to - and see how their money is accumulating and strive to be the richest in the class is just a great win in my book. Thanks Banqer for the amazing resource you have created AND i havent even implemented all the possible features yet...but i will!

Natasha deSoden