Banqer in a Year 8 Classroom

I have used Banqer for the last two years in my Year 8 classes. After getting it up and running I start with Careers and Employment. This is an important cog in setting up a new class and having it run efficiently. Students are employed on a weekly basis to do normal class jobs, like making sure that the devices are all charged and locked away for the following day. They then earn a salary for that position for however long you want them to be employed for.After the classroom jobs are really humming I begin to use it as a reward system for targeting positive behaviours I want to see, like students remembering to bring the correct PE uniform. I try to reward students for showing the expected behaviours as well as going above and beyond. On the flipside, I also use it debit the students who forget to remember the correct uniform.At the end of the term I will usually offer a class movie so students are able to spend their money on something. Usually 95% of students are able to save enough money to pay for the movie ticket and it might take some 'extra' jobs for others to get them across the line. I also offer preferential seating (couches, cushions and front row), popcorn and drinks for those who have managed to save more. These are usually the students who have taken on more than one class job.

Thomas Straker