Banqer -Maths and Motivation

We love Banqer.We get paid $300 to successfully engage in and complete our tasks every week. We give out bonuses for going over and above the expectation and we accrue debts for incompletion of tasks.We pay $180 per week for rent, which came about from a class discussion and debate about what they should pay for. Students had to work out how to go online and set up their own automatic payments. They also receive payment for any extra jobs as leaders in our school during their lunch hour or morning tea.Students are paying each other for borrowing items and doing extra jobs for them. We are going to dive into interest payments next.We have a chief Banqer who loves his job. He sorts out extra teacher payments from the weekly list - debit or credit into the students accounts.Much more learning to come!Loving it.

Nicole Higby