Going Once, Going Twice... Sold!

What a fantastic end to the term and way to celebrate some awesome saving and learning - a class Auction!I have collected a bunch of prizes/items over the term, so as a way for students to spend their hard earned cash, I held an auction to end our day.We had a discussion around what an auction was, how they worked (putting up their hands), what goes on (the auctioneer introduces the item), and the process we go through (bidding up in regular amounts). The students were highly motivated when they saw all the items, and had a great time deciding which ones they would bid for. The "mystery bags" caused quite a stir, as the students didn't know if they were bidding for "good stuff" (Oreos and M&Ms) or the dud prize! A lot of students had some very innovative ideas, such as "bidding up" their "friends", and combining their money together to be able to reach a higher limit, and split the benefits of the item. The students who had worked hard throughout the term, had spent energy on their jobs, and as a result had more money to spend, had a lot more fun. I have already had students who weren't as involved in the auction today saying they were going to work really hard next term to try and earn more money to spend at the next auction!

Nicole Lloyd