How I Use Banqer

My class loves Banqer. I primarily use it as a reward system, depositing money for everything from quiz results to showing school values, to getting changed quickly after swimming!The introduction of the Job Market this year was an instant hit. My Y5/6 kids came up with the list of jobs, the pay rates, and the job types. There have been some enterprising kids who have asked me to add more jobs, including 'Class Therapist' and 'Job Filler Inner-er', and then snapped them up as soon as they appear on the Job Market.I have also introduced Gamification into my classroom so students work towards termly goals. For each level they achieve, they get to spin the wheel of prizes (created using for that level - adding extra cash into their accounts.The Property Market is incredibly popular with my boys, and there was a race to save up enough for a deposit on Trump Towers. Next term I will introduce Property Insurance and Natural Disasters, which was a hit last year.

Adam Williamson