My changes in Banqer

I am a second year BT with a Year 5 & 6 class. I used Banqer from my second term last year and the kids loved it. We used it right through until the end of the year and i was excited about using it from the very first day this year. I used the "buy your desk" option - last years students took a while to get into the rhythm of how to make it work for them. I had about 4 boys who struggled to stay out of debt last year - fines from the Police department. One was constantly in the red but when a friend - who actually owned this boys desk - sold it back to him for $1 and then brought him a mansion for free - which meant he earned $500 week rental from it - then he was finally away and actually ended up being very well off by the end of the year. I think it was a very steep learning curve for him but without his friends kindness his situation might never had changed.This year has been quite different - my students are a lot better off financially and i don't have anyone in debt - in fact they are just a little too wealthy for my liking! So tomorrow they start a different journey. I have paid back all the money they spent on buying their desk or mansions and we will take on the Property Portfolio/Mortgages challenge. I have adjusted their weekly earnings to reflect a minimum wage, along with power, tax, internet and water. I have played around with the property section and i am looking forward to seeing if the same kids are the ones that excel in the property market. It will be a very exciting adventure.

Natasha deSoden