Online Banqer Security - Impromptu Lesson

So in my journey of teaching my students about online banking and financial literacy, i explained that if they left their accounts logged in they were leaving themselves open to theft. I therefore gave permission for them to make choices on what they will do with someone else's money in that situation. Today there was a lot of transfers of funds that was not their own. This was partly my fault as i didn't realise that they had saved their password on the tablets - which we need to share as they are slowly dying off - hence some "opportunists" became very rich even to the sum of $20,000. From this "unplanned lesson" they have since learned to NOT save passwords, to ensure they log out and how to change a password if they think their security has been breached. Needless to say i was shocked by how many actually had no problems taking the money in the first place - in fact the boys were glee with the process. This was one of those "in the moment" learning opportunities that i am grateful it popped up. NB I made sure all illegal transfers were reversed and the "banking security" opportunists are allowed to act from tomorrow should these ill-secured accounts become available again. Some kids are ruthless.

Natasha deSoden