Property Guru Fail

Here we are day one of our second L3 Covid-19 lock-down (for Auckland at least). It's 9:30am and my students are already emailing me about their bank accounts. Almost daily I have a few students with questions regarding their accounts or a "please can you approve my house purchase" plead. I just received an email from one of my students. He thinks he is on to a winning formula by selling houses within days of purchasing them. Granted though he has made some tidy little profits from it. Fortunately, this time he received a loss and asked that I please "sort it out" believing that there is a fault with Banqer. The last laugh is on him because he has lost out on almost $2,000 on a property he bought just 6 days ago. I love the lessons my students get from Banqer, that they can go on to use in the real world one day.

Natasha deSoden