Public holiday pay, attendance pay and more!

I have a Y7/8 class and I use Banqer for a wide range of things. Banqer dollars are handed out as rewards for being on task, completing work, great behaviour etc. I deposit the money throughout the day for them.They also get paid for doing jobs around the class. They went through the unit on incomes and careers and applied for jobs. Bonuses are given to those who do their jobs consistently and others are asked to resign when they don't. Students get paid each day they are at school which we discussed it to be the minimum wage. Each week they are charged expenses which covers photocopying, electricity, resources, water, etc. This is set up as an automatic payment and the attendance payment I calculate on a Friday using a tracking sheet I mark off attendance each day. Over the holidays I work out an average weekly payment and I pay students for public holidays. Their weekly expenses comes out regardless of whether they have attended school or not and also comes out over the holidays. So it teaches them about budgeting too. We also have a challenge each term where the student with the most money in their savings account wins a (Wendy's) lunch. This helps them think about where to have their money and gets them a good look into interest. We are going to get into property next term now they have a reasonable amount of money and will continue the savings challenge. I'm really enjoying it and my class love it too.

Cheryl Mckeown