Real life earnings

In my class I try to have as many ways of earning money as possible. We have traditional class jobs which earn the employees a salary. These positions have a job description and if students carry out the job exceptionally they may get bonuses for their effort.There are jobs that only earn money based on commission. I have a class blog so it is someone's job to find content for the blog. If they recommend someone's work they get paid for the recommendation.There are one-off temporary jobs, like seasonal work that comes and goes depending on what is happening in the classroom.There are freelance workers who are paid contractors when they produce pieces of writing that I would like to commission for the class blog.There are people earning money for their ideas and inventions- paid for their intellectual property.There are also lotteries. Lucky recipients can win large influxes of money if their name is drawn. In Room 5 our lottery is the 'helping hands' lottery. Some put your name in the lottery when you help them.This year we are also really enjoying the opportunity to earn money through rental properties thanks to the new property module. It is early days doing this but the excitement in the room from the experience of owning property has been really exciting.I was recently at a conference talking about the jobs of the future. I am sure we have all heard about how the students we teach now will have jobs that have not even been invented yet and will change professions several times in their lifetime. At this conference however they discussed how the majority of future workers (our students) will be self employed and will need to have 'self starter' competencies. It seems to me it's even more important than ever to ensure the workers of the future are financially literate and aware of all the ways money can be earnt.

Jolene Butson- Leggett