Risks and benefits of insurance

I activated the Property Insurance module at the start of this week and my class had a great discussion about the risks and benefits of insurance: Sometimes you pay a lot of money for something you never use vs. what happens if you end up needing insurance but don't have it.I showed my class how it worked, and one student was affected by a light volcanic eruption. (The bank was nice and paid him back for all damages incurred).Students with properties then chose whether or not they would insure their properties, knowing that a disaster would strike on Friday.Today, using, I added the disaster options to the wheels and spun away......Cyclone...(At this point, my students were all excited)...Heavy damage...(Now some of them were starting to panic)......ALL students!...There were cries of relief from those who had insured their properties, and cries of despair from those who hadn't...And now I have to figure out what to do with my poor bankrupt students :(

Adam Williamson