Setting up Banqer, and rewarding leadership

We're in the process of setting up Banqer in our 7/8 class, where I've been quite open about using it to not only learn about financial literacy but also as an incentive scheme. Very quickly the class were onto me about 'paying' our leaders in the school (as I knew they would do!), such as road patrollers, school council members etc. We've had great discussions about reasonable pay rates, what positions should be paid a 'salary' or an 'hourly rate'...some of my students will be quite wealthy at the end of the year compared to others, which will lead to good discussions. At the end of the month I'm bringing in rewards /fines for work completed on time. I didn't do it immediately as I wanted the few students who are laggards by choice to have a chance to change their ways...hopefully when the financial implications hit they may do so.It is taking time to set this up, as all new class programmes do, but I'm already seeing the benefits. :)

Phil Innes