Stolen funds

As part of my Banqer lessons I regularly "steal" money from my student's accounts. Some times all of them and sometimes just some of them. I do this to see who is really checking their accounts and taking note of what is coming in and out of them.I have taken $3.45 with a reference "did you see that" or $5.00 for a "Mobile phone fee". If they notice they are to email me and I will refund it with a bonus.During the holidays I took $200 for "Mrs deSoden needs a holiday" and 3 days later only 2 students out of 74 have noticed. One even sent me the following email message:hey Mrs deSoden,you stole 200 dollars from my everyday account, and the info says you needed a holiday, aren't you already on holiday? I will need to contact my lawyer.This is priceless! Even though my students are on holiday they are still actively monitoring their bank accounts (well most are) just like in real life.Thanks, Banqer for giving me the opportunity to impart true life skills to these kids.

Natasha deSoden