Student Banq Tellers

Teachers are really busy, let's face it. While we were trialling Banqer last year my colleague and I used to do the banqing right on the spot. This was very time consuming and interrupted the flow of our teaching or we'd forget payments! So we did a tally chart system that the students put their income and debits on. At the end of a week though, it was a tedious job to enter into the computer.Now we employ student tellers on a roster system, that I just log in for first thing in the morning before the bell to 'sell' chairs to kids for mat time and to do the banqing for the week. Although I've just seen one of the tellers has written "For bad behaviour- better be good next week!" as one of the debit references but obviously it looks like I have written it! I'll have to train them up on what to include in the reference line!

Iona Rait