The Banq is Open

If you use paper money an easy way to stop students from asking if they can banq money at the wrong time is to use a sign.It sounds really simple and it is. It is a visual way for students to quickly see if they can come up to you to deposit money. All they need to do is look at the wall. In some classes they use students as their Banqers, so it is up these students to change the sign when the Banq is open or closed.I always use paper money at the start of the year as it gets students used to looking after their money, understanding that their money is generally safer in the Banq (especially if they lose some!) and that once they deposit money they can transfer this to their savings account to earn interest.Later in the year, we move away from physical money and go fully electronic to show how the way we Banq has changed over time.

Micah Hocquard