The Power Of Banqer

I use Banqer in all aspects of my classroom work. The students are inspired by earning and saving money. They earn $200 per week and out of that have to pay $21 in tax. They must rent their desk for $50 per week. They use their money to buy class games (e.g. 30 minute soccer game costs $1000), free time, music in the class while they work, 30 minutes computer time etc. They charge each other for use of pens and pencils. They hire each other to do their work such as typing up publishing. I give rewards for great work, progress, homework, volunteers anything and everything I can think of. They get fined for not doing their duties, messy areas, following class rules etc (best classroom management tool ever).But the best thing yet was playing The Chase on camp where the competitors and chasers could all win real banqer money. Some have almost saved enough to buy their own desks for $10000. If they buy their desk, they get to sit wherever they like in the class. Some are saving furiously.We have an auction coming up soon for left over Easter eggs. I am wondering who will be tempted. Photo shows a group who earnt Banqer money for working wee as a team during science experiments.

Alison Derbyshire