What a disaster!

Earlier this term in my class we initiated Property Insurance. After a discussion around why insuring our properties would be a good idea (being a school in Christchurch this was easy to talk about) my students begun the application process. We talked about the different criteria students could check and how they may affect their insurance premiums. Quotes were given, re-checking occurred and insurance was accepted. After this we waited eagerly for our first disaster. A couple of weeks passed and the students' premiums were automatically deducted from their bank accounts. Then the day arrived when we were going to have our first disaster. I don't always make such a big deal of damaging property, but this was a day the students were really looking forward to. Was their house going to be hit? Was getting insurance really worth it? What would happen to the couple of students with no insurance? In my class we roll a dice for our disasters. Each number corresponds to a Banqer disaster. That way it makes the process a bit more random and more exciting.We roll once - it is a 5. That means a Volcanic Eruption. Roll 2 - is a 3. That means Medium damage. The third roll - is a 6. There's a sigh in the classroom. That is a re-roll as there are only 5 choices. We roll again - it is a 3. That means 10 people will be affected. The students sit anxiously by their devices with Banqer open, waiting for me to hit the 'Cause a Disaster' button so they can see who got caught up in the Volcanic Eruption. I press the button and...

Micah Hocquard