Banqer in the Class

In my Year 8 Class we have been using Banqer since Day 1 to try and build some more financial literacy with my students. Last term we look at jobs around the classroom and writing a CV, these range from 'Library Monitor' to 'Tech Ninja' to 'Teacher Personal Assistant' ... which was a student's suggestion and who I am to say no :)They also learnt about Automatic Payment as they pay for 'Desk Insurance' and 'Cubbie Rental'. The price of each cubbie is more expensive based on desirable location and we have a lottery to see who gets to go first. There are a range of ways students can earn money (homework completion, working through their reading log, participation, returning permission forms on time) or lose money (homework, disruption, messy cubbies or desks). They can also use their money to do a range of things like listen to music, late homework pass, using the comfy teacher's chair or the bean bag). This term they have all had their Job Terminated and everyone has amended their CV to re-apply to some jobs. I have also decided to hire a 'Class Accountant' to help me keep track of things a bit better.We have discussed savings and decided on what type of savings account they want and the Challenge I have for them is 'First to A Million' (we might start at 100 Thousand to make it more realistic). It is a great way to reward students and learn about money. Students have buy in and parents love that kids are getting some practical skills.

Lauren Newton