Cyber safety

I have been using Banqer with my year 4-6 students as an example of passwords that need to be secure and safe. I have used social engineering, trickery, bribes and underhand tactics to try and obtain the passwords of my students. If I do so, I take all of their money from their banks! Very quickly my students have become very savvy with the creation of their passwords and not sharing them with any others. This led into a discussion about how easy it is to impersonate someone online, and if you knew basic things about them, you could have a good chance at getting simple passwords. I know this seems mean, but it is a real context for their learning about the importance of safekeeping their passwords. Next attempt is to mimic the look of the Banqer website to collect passwords after sending a fake link to the students. I wonder how many will be tricked by this attempt?

Shannon McDougall