End of Term 1 Auction

Well, after looking for some inspiration at the end of the term I read a post about running an auction = and decided to go for that as the way to wrap things up. I decided that the auction would be for things the children could do on the last day of term, with the proviso that if they didn't bid for something they'd end up doing things like...cleaning desks or other dreary jobs!! So - the auction was a fun and exciting event. Our class is Year 4-8 multi level - so, we had the folllowing items up for auction:45 minutes playing board games30 minutes on prodigyMaking cupcakes for the farewell in the afternoondecorating said cupcakes with icing40 minutes readinghaving a photo taken in front of our massive artwork (wings) and having it printed and laminatedbeing the photographer for the aboveThe class were hilarious - some paid $3000 just to play prodigy! Of course there were those who figured out how to wait it out and picked up the same privilege for a lot less - but - it was great fun for our last day. we'd had the auction experience before as part of camp, but this was really fun, and quite easy to set up - nothing needed to set up except for the cupcake making, which was going to be part of the last day anyway as we were farewelling some kids...so, thanks!!

Isabel Stanley