Writing a C.V

A great way to give students an authentic writing context is to get them to create a Curriculum Vitae. My students have found this activity to be lots of fun and very engaging.They create cover letters, get letters of referral (usually a parent, sports coach or another teacher) and make a list of qualities that would make them perfect for the job.I usually do this just for our class C.E.O or Deputy C.E.O. Assigning these roles to students gives them more responsibility and leadership opportunities, it also lightens the amount of monitoring that we as teachers have to do. The role of these students is to look after the class companies and make sure they are all doing what they say they are doing, that their employees are looked after and that bills are being paid.We also practice interview type questions and the students go through a mock interview with their peers.I usually start this process at the end of Term 1 or the start of Term 2. Give it a go. It gives the students a huge learning opportunity that can help set them up future job hunting prospects.

Micah Hocquard