Year 6/7 Class

We introduced Banqer to our class in Term 4 last year and t was an instant success with the students and with the parents as well.have continued to use it again this year and proving very motivational for students.We use it in the class as a general financial literacy topic, where we have introduced modules slowly to the students utilise it in my Math groups too looking at percentages, number and problem solving. At this stage the students are saving to purchase real estate and this is proving both challenging and motivating for them. We have set the criteria so that they have to save a fair bit for the deposit (not out of reach though). Some students are now seeing the benefits or pitfalls of property ownership. We have set up the system so that the students earn money each week as a wage, but they can also earn more for doing certain jobs, or for positive things they do in class. We have them pay for hiring desks etc too and they receive fines as well. So basically it is a behaviour management tool. The students wages are dictated by what level of 'licence system'are on in class. We have Learners, Restricted and Ful Licence holders. Each relates to their ability to consistently demonstrate the Key Competencies. A Full licence holder receives twice the wages of a restricted holder. Again this is proving motivational.It is a fantastic system and we will continue to utilise it in class. Other teachers in our school have also jumped on board with it.

Troy and Linda LC 5