Banqer - A Teacher's Perspective

Keith Newman

Keith Newman

Deputy Principal, Christ Church Grammar School, Melbourne

Keith Newman, Deputy Principal of Christ Church Grammar School, shares how he has integrated Banqer into his classroom. Christ Church Grammar School is an independent co-educational school located in Melbourne catering for students aged 3 – 12. Keith was very impressed with both the level of engagement and the genuine learning outcomes. He shares his experience below.

What year level do you teach?

I teach a Year 4 maths group and collaborate on planning and assessment with the Year 4 teachers.

How much time do you dedicate to Banqer per week?

It depends on the focus. The group has spent anything from fifteen to forty-five minutes each week.

What is the best thing about Banqer?

Two things! The engagement and the real-life lessons. The students are so absorbed in the program and constantly ask to use it.

They become really engrossed in the decision-making process as they navigate savings, interest, and buying transport, “How much should I save?”, “Which term deposit account should I choose and why?

Sometimes the students make simple errors with their online transactions. This leads nicely to discussions about real-life situations that might happen to their parents or themselves in the future.

How easy is the platform to use?

Very easy. The teacher needs to fully understand the sections and how to use them prior to opening them up to students and the tutorial videos supplied are a great resource.

Do the students enjoy using Banqer?

I cannot stop them asking every maths session, “Can we use Banqer today?” Even during lockdown in Victoria.

How does Banqer support learning maths?

Teachers are always trying to find creative and exciting ways to teach maths and make it relevant to real-life. Quite simply, Banqer does this.

Who would you recommend it for?

I think it has a real application for Years 4 to 6.

Are there lesson plans? Do you follow these?

I have used many of the resources and lessons. And after reading and watching the tutorials, I sometimes do my own thing based on my teaching experience. Banqer is very flexible in how it can be integrated.

Any tips for teachers using Banqer?

We have moved slowly to ensure a deep understanding of each section before we open up the next section to the students.

What is something you would like to see improved/added to Banqer?

I am still new to Banqer so for me, there is nothing I can request at the moment. I think they should just keep up the good work and continue to add more real-life situations related to banking and financial decisions.

Used by 170,000+ Australasian students, Banqer introduces financial concepts through an online simulation. This allows students to gain financial confidence and a practical understanding of positive and negative financial behaviour. They explore concepts like budgeting, banking, insurance and buying property. You can easily sign up via the “get started now” button, or book in a demo and we’ll help get you started with your class!

Thanks to our Champion Partner, Netwealth, Banqer is available to primary schools across Australia at no cost.

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