My generous soul

Today during my Topic and Spelling lessons i was extremely generous with my "cash bonuses" that i was handing out. The kids really enjoy the cash aspect as it is the physical counting of their money as opposed to just watching the numbers change in their bank accounts - this can be so easily forgotten about.I think i must have given out about $3000 worth of bonuses in that hour long session. One thing with my class - i like to mix it up a bit - i don't want to be predictable with when i give out bonuses, so i keep them on their toes about what i will give bonuses for and how much.One of my students really impressed me with his thinking, in how he articulated it and his pure creativity with what he came up with so i gave him $600 in $20 notes. Now this kids has such a kind soul that he asked me very politely if he could donate the money. I thought he meant on the Banqer donations option but actually he wanted to share his fortune with his classmates. I thought about it and said yes okay if you want to do that then it is your money - who am i to stop someone sharing their winnings with others. Some of the students were reluctant to take his money but i said if they wanted to then they could donate that amount through the Banqer donations option and "pay it forward". It was wonderful to see the generosity being shared. My "bonus" boy felt good sharing with his classmates and some of the classmates felt good "paying it forward". This is a win all around if you ask me! Another of the many benefits to the ever changing and realistic life of a Kiwibank Banqer operator. Thanks Kiwibank, and my students parents thank you too.

Natasha deSoden